Claudio Ruffmann

Caludio Ruffmann

Clinical Research Fellow

Claudio completed his studies in Medicine at the Università Statale di Milano. Following completion of training in Neurology, he has held a post as research assistant at Imperial College, London, where he studied the pathological correlates of dementia in Parkinson’s. As a clinical research fellow in the OPDC, he is investigating the possibility of using detection of alpha-synuclein in the peripheral nervous system as a reliable diagnostic biomarker of Parkinson’s. To this end, he is applying immunohistochemical techniques to tissue from colonic biopsies from participants in the Discovery study on Parkinson’s.



Alph-Synuclein - What's it all about?

Participants' Day talk, 2016

Neuropathology: the CSI of Parkinson's Disease

Participants' Day talk, 2015