Natalie Connor-Robson

Natalie Connor-Robson

Career Development Fellow

Natalie joined the Oxford Parkinson’s disease centre in 2014 and her research is based around characterising the earliest pathogenic changes that happen in Parkinson’s and trying to understand how this leads to condition.  Natalie is currently investigating how these molecular alterations lead to and cause the progression of the disease using biochemical, behavioural and neuropathological techniques.  Her work uses genetic models of Parkinson’s and she has a particular interest in Glucocerebrosidase (GBA).  It is well known that people who are heterozygous for mutations in GBA have a higher risk of developing Parkinson’s but why these mutations lead to the condition is currently poorly understood.  As well as this Natalie is also actively interested in the role of LRRK2 and α-synuclein in the condition.


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