OPDC Featured on BBC Radio Oxford 


BBC Radio Oxford

On Thursday 22nd October, the Principal Investigator of the OPDC, Richard Wade-Martins, along with the chair of the Oxford Branch of Parkinson’s UK, Sally Bromley, spoke on BBC Radio Oxford’s Nick Piercey show. Sally, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, spoke about the symptoms and how Parkinson’s affects daily life. Richard then went on to explain some of the research at the OPDC, which aims to better understand what causes Parkinson’s and how this disease can be cured. In particular, he highlighted one particular question: why do dopamine-producing neurons die in Parkinson’s disease and what can we do to prevent them dying? Richard also explained the current programme of research, which includes:

  1. A large patient cohort from around Oxfordshire, who are followed up every 18 months in order to understand how Parkinson’s progresses.
  2. Converting skin cells from patient samples, to stem cells, and then converting them to dopamine-producing neurons. Our aim is to understand what goes wrong with dopamine-producing neurons in the dish, so that this can be translated to the clinic.   

Both Richard and Sally then went on to promote the Oxford Walk for Parkinson’s, which took place on Sunday 25th October. Members of our centre and Parkinson’s UK supporters took part in this walk to raise money for the research taking place at the ODPC. The funds raised are going to support the research of Katharina Wagner, a PhD Student in the Wade-Martins Lab.