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BBC News 31 Jan 2016

Phone app to help spot Parkinson's disease symptoms

Dr Fahd Baig, clinical researcher at the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre, says that there are tell-tale signs in the voice of a Parkinson's patient.

Results from one of his pilot studies indicate that simply getting a patient to say "ahhh" into a phone means the app can spot this with 99% sensitivity.

BBC News March 6  2015

BBC South Today - 6th March 2015

New Funding for OPDC

Research aimed at slowing or even curing Parkinsons disease will continue after funding was found at the last minute. Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust has been working closely with more than a thousand Parkinsons patients for the last 5 years. Now Parkinsons UK have said they'll donate £6m to keep the work going.

Meridian News March 6  2015

ITV Meridian News - 6th March 2015

Scientists awarded £6m for Parkinson's Disease research


BBC Oxford News - April 2014

The work at Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre, University of Oxford was featured on the BBC Oxford News. Researchers at the Centre say they are making rapid progress towards detecting the early signs of Parkinson's through the use of MRI scans. Spotting the signs quickly could lead to better treatment and management of the disease. Dr Michele Hu and Dr Richard-Wade Martins of the Centre are interviewed.

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BBC News - 17 June 2011

Parkinson's disease research 'breakthrough' in UK

OPDC have pioneered a technique that turns pieces of skin into pieces of brain. It's part of a large scale study to create a "bank" of artificially grown brain cells. This BBC news video explains more.