OPDC talks on our latest Parkinson's research now online.


Researchers and clinicians from the OPDC hosted members of our cohort and supporters based throughout the Thames valley at an open day of talks and discussion. The event was held in Septmeber 2017 at the Jury's Inn in Oxford with over 200 in attendance.

A variety of research topics were discussed including studies of impulse control disorder, sleep issues and  the development of wearable technology to better understand Parkinson's progression. In addition, the use of patient stem cells to study Parkinson's. Members of our cohort have donated skin samples via skin biopsies which we are able to take back to the lab and reprogramme into stem cells. From these, cells such as dopamineric neurons and microglia have been grown in the lab and are advancing our understanding of Parkinson's. Also high on the agenda was our work to look at re-purposing drugs which have already gone through the expensive and time-consuming development process which we hope could improve Parkinson's symptons and slow pregression of the condition.

Talks from the day are now available to view online here.