OPDC: Progress in Parkinson's Research

A series of talks from the 2016 OPDC Participants' Day, May 6th 2016, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

OPDC Scientists and Clinicians talk about how our work is helping to improve the understanding of Parkinson's and drive us closer to a cure

What Should the OPDC Cohort Studies Deliver for YOU?

Dr Michele Hu

Dr Michele Hu discusses what Clinicians would like before asking the cohort members what they would like from OPDC.

Introduction to the OPDC Cohort Day 2016

Dr Michele Hu

Dr Michele Hu gives a brief introduction to the Cohort members and OPDC and the status of the cohort.

Alph-Synuclein - What's it all about?

Dr Claudio Ruffman

Dr Claudio Ruffman discusses his research into the protein, Alpha-Synuclein, which is crucial in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's

Drug and Target Discovery in Parkinson's Disease

Prof Richard Wade-Martins

Prof. Richard Wade-Martins introduces how you pick promising new drugs targets for Parkinson's

OPDC Highlights 2016


A short video highlighting the key research being carried out at OPDC. Featuring OPDC researchers and supporters.

Personality and Impulsivity in Parkinson's

Dr Fahd Baig

Dr Baig on his latest research in personality disorders and impulsivity with those affected with Parkinson's

Does Sleep Matter in Parkinson's

Dr Tom Barber
Dr Tom Barber talks about how OPDC is investigating links between sleep disorders and Parkinson's.