OPDC Open Day Talks 2015-2017

Every year we hold an open day where we invite members of our cohort from our centres across the country to talk about the latest updates in our research activities. We have filmed these talks and they can be viewed below.

Highlight videos 2017, 2016


2017 OPDC Participants' Day, September 4th 2017, Jury's Inn, Oxford

OPDC Scientists and Clinicians talk about different aspects of our research into Parkinson's. Talks covered links between Parkinson's and sleep, development of wearable technology and drug discovery/repurposing.

OPDC Highlights 2017

A short video highlighting the key research being carried out at OPDC. Featuring OPDC researchers discussing work on drug discovery/repurposing, sleep disorders, wearable technology and stem cell techniques to gorw neurons and microglia in the lab.


OPDC-inspired Parkinson's trials coming soon (2017)

OPDC clinical lead, Dr Michele Hu, on how we are working with our cohort and how we hope to repurpose drugs, already approved for other conditions, to improve not only the symptoms of people with Parkinson's, but also hope to slow down the progression of the condition.


Impulse control disorder in Parkinson’s (2017)

Dr Mark Kelly's research has been mainly looking at some of the current medications available for Parkinson's. Here he discusses a side-effect of one of those medications called impulse control disorder.


Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD): a window into early Parkinson’s (2017)

Dr Tom Barber on his research into REM sleep behaviour disorder and how this can give us insights into early Parkinson's.


What is the OPDC doing to improve your sleep? (2017)

We know that sleep is important for day-to-day activities, memory and attention. Dr Christine Lo is working at the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre on a project to look at using wearable devices to study sleep in detail in REM-sleep Behaviour Disorder and Parkinson's.


Could inflammation be important to Parkinson’s? (2017)

Dr Sally Cowley works at OPDC growing neurons and other important cells from skin samples donated in biopsies from members of our cohort. Here she discusses her work on microglia, the vacuum cleaners of the brain.


Novel Parkinson’s therapies in the Oxford Discovery pipeline (2017)

Professor Richard Wade-Martins discusses how dopamine neurons grown in a dish in our labs are helping us to understand of these cells are affected in Parkinson's.


2016 OPDC Participants' Day, May 6th 2016, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

OPDC Highlights 2016

A short video highlighting the key research being carried out at OPDC. Featuring OPDC researchers and supporters.

What Should the OPDC Cohort Studies Deliver for YOU? (2016)

Dr Michele Hu discusses what Clinicians would like before asking the cohort members what they would like from OPDC.


Introduction to the OPDC Cohort Day 2016

Dr Michele Hu gives a brief introduction to the Cohort members and OPDC and the status of the cohort.

Alpha-Synuclein - What's it all about? (2016)

Dr Claudio Ruffmann discusses his research into the protein, Alpha-Synuclein, which is crucial in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's

Drug and Target Discovery in Parkinson's Disease (2016)

Prof. Richard Wade-Martins introduces how you pick promising new drugs targets for Parkinson's


Personality and Impulsivity in Parkinson's (2016)

Dr Fahd Baig on his latest research in personality disorders and impulsivity with those affected with Parkinson's

Does Sleep Matter in Parkinson's (2016)

Dr Tom Barber talks about how OPDC is investigating links between sleep disorders and Parkinson's.


2015 OPDC Participants' Day (March 18th 2015, Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, Oxford University)

Overview: The Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre (OPDC) Cohort

Dr Michele Hu, Co-Principal Investigator of the OPDC, gives an overview of the Centre's vision and research themes

Using novel technologies to assess Parkinson's (2015)

Mathematician & Engineer, Max Little, discusses how modern technology, such as smart phones, can aid recording behavioural & environmental factors in Parkinson's research.

Neuropathology: the CSI of Parkinson's Disease (2015)

OPDC Clinical Research Fellow Dr Claudio Ruffmann on the crucial role of Brain Donation to understand the mechanisms underlying Parkinson's

From Dreams to Neurodegeneration (2015)

Dr Michal Rolinski discusses REM sleep behaviour disorder and its possible links to Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's: More than a tremor (2015)

Dr Fahd Baig discusses the non motor symptoms of Parkinson's.

How can skin cells help us understand Parkinson's? (2015)

Richard Wade Martins, OPDC Principal Investigator, discusses his current research into Skin cells and Stem cells