OPDC Participants' Open Day 2019

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On Monday 16th September, please join us for a FREE open afternoon of talks by our OPDC scientists and clinicians. Find out how your participation in the Discovery Cohort is improving our understanding of Parkinson's and driving us closer to a cure.

2019 OPDC Open Day Flier Map

If you have any queries about this event - please email: parkinsons.discovery@nhs.net or ring 01865 223166.


 13:00 Michele Hu Welcome
 13:05 George Tofaris Blood based biomarkers for Parkinson's
 13:25 Tom Barber Parkinson's and Sleep
 13:45 Christine Lo Sense of smell in RBD and Parkinson's
 14:05 Claire Guest & Amelia Kramer Medical Detection Dogs
 14:35 Break & Refreshments  
 15:05 Francesca Bowring  Research priorities for Parkinson's
 15:25 Ludovica Griffanti Brain Imaging for Parkinson's
 15:45 Michael Lawton Two sample Mendelian Randomisation of disease progression
 16:05 Michele Hu Managing your symptoms and living well with Parkinson's
 16:30 Discussion  Q&A