Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre pays tribute to one of its loyal fundraisers

Researchers from the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre (OPDC) have been paying tribute to Bobbie Coelho, one of the OPDC’s long term fundraisers who has decided to take a step back from active fundraising activities.

video message was created from OPDC researchers thanking her for all the amazing work she has done towards funding Parkinson’s research over the years. Together with a bouquet of flowers, they also gave her an engraved glass OPDC honorary award which was presented to her ‘in recognition of outstanding fundraising to support research into Parkinson's’.

Bobbie Coelho with her OPDC honorary award
Bobbie Coelho with her OPDC honorary award.

Bobbie is a member of the Andover Branch of Parkinson's UK, and her fundraising events included: car boot sales, knitting and selling scarfs and snoods, pub quizzes, along with donating the sales of the poetry and children’s books that she had written. In thanking OPDC for the gifts and video message, Bobbie sent the OPDC a tribute poem to share:-

Thank you or the flowers and the trophy you sent to me

They were really lovely, but do you know what turned the key?

It’s that lovely collage that you put together

Showing me the difference I’d made, something I can keep forever

I’ve always said I am not the leader of men

I’m the one with the pen, suggesting ways to perfect your plan


It’s a wonderful legacy to have, believe it or not

I’ve hit the nail on the head

I’m frightened by what is to come

But I can watch that film and remember

In life’s last embers

That once I made a difference.


I Know you won’t rest

Until PD is dead

You all have the passion and voice

And you all have a choice

I know one day you’ll find what you’re looking for


Bobbie Coelho flowers

 Bouquet of flowers sent by the OPDC.

View the thank you video message here: https://youtu.be/d-Z9RhjLWgU

To learn more about donating to the OPDC, visit www.opdc.ox.ac.uk/donate