Parkinson's UK members visit an OPDC research lab

Parkinson's UK site visit


On Tuesday 29th September, the Wade-Martins laboratory welcomed Parkinson's UK members for an interesting afternoon of PhD student talks and lab tours. OPDC researchers Joel Beevers and Kathie Wagner presented their latest findings and explained their research techniques to a group of around 20 Parkinson's UK members. Joel presented work on his project: 'Tau and Parkinson's: what's the link?' and Kathie presented work on her project: 'TRAPping Parkinson's - why do some cells die?'. Talks were followed by refreshements and chats with the reserachers, lab tours and then demonstrations of some beautifully stained neurones down the microscope.

The Parkinson's UK mascot Dave the Worm even did some exploring around our laboratories! Pictures of his visit will follow soon on his twitter page!

Parkinson's UK organise many research events throughout the year. If you are interested in visiting a research group or university, more information can be found here.