Parkinson's UK videos featuring OPDC

Parkinson's UK's Director of Research, Dr Arthur Roach, takes part in our study.

We also need people without Parkinson's to take part in studies. Arthur from Parkinson's UK stepped up to join OPDC's cohort, funded by the charity. It definitely brought out his competitive streak!

Could Lewy bodies help find new treatments for Parkinson’s?

OPDC's Professor Peter Magill is aiming to answer fundamental questions about Lewy bodies.


Before retiring Kevin worked as a biochemist, so he's no stranger to the lab and was keen to indulge in some pipetting when he visited Professor Peter Magill at the University of Oxford. He also learnt about Peter's study into Lewy bodies and asked Peter why research seems to take such a long time.



Parkinson's UK Bespoke Treatment Lectures at the Royal Institution, November 2014

Dr Michelle Hu discusses identifying different 'types' of Parkinson's, which may respond very differently to the new treatments that are currently being developed. (November 2014)


Join Dr Arthur Roach, Dr Michelle Hu, Dr Alistair Noyce and Steve Ford as they discuss the latest range of research projects for Parkinson's. (November 2014)


Ask Our Parkinson's Researchers

Parkinson's UK asked their research supporters for research questions they would like answered and put them to Parkinson's researchers at the 2014 Parkinson's UK Research Meeting (See Q and A's more here)



Parkinson's UK Clinical Trials Lectures at the Royal Institution, November 2013 

Dr Richard Wade-Martins heads up the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre founded by Parkinson's UK. In this lecture 'Clinical Trials and Parkinson's: What does it take to find a cure?', he talks us through the work he and his team have underway and highlights some extraordinary technological discoveries being made worldwide - which will ultimately make more clinical trials possible. (Nov 2013)


Parkinson's researchers Dr Alan Whone and Dr Richard Wade-Martins are joined by Dr Katie Le Blond from Parkinson's UK for a question and answer session on clinical trials and Parkinson's. (Nov 2013)