OPDC Research Day 2018

Tuesday 2nd October, Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, University of Oxford


The OPDC Research Day is a one-day event with research talks from world leading Parkinson’s researchers on topics including clinical studies, imaging, genetics, proteomics, neuronal cells and animal models.

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Keynote Speakers


REM sleep behaviour disorder: a window into prodromal Parkinson’s

Dr Paul Reading is a Consultant Neurologist, at James Cook University Hospital

Dr Reading’s particular interests are narcolepsy, abnormal sleep in neurodegenerative disease (particularly parkinsonian syndromes) and parasomnias. He has been running a bi-weekly Neurology Sleep Clinic for over 12 years alongside his general neurology workload.


Parkinson's disease: from genes to personalized treatments

Dr Thomas Gasser is Professor of Neurology and Director of the Department of Neurodegenerative Diseases at Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, University of Tubingen

His research is primarily focused on the identification of genes and loci that are involved in the development of Parkinson’s disease, and the analysis of the functional consequences of variations in the identified genes.



OPDC Research Day 2018 programme

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REM sleep behaviour disorder: a window into prodromal Parkinson’s