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The success of the Monument Discovery Award is crucially dependent on the participation of people with Parkinson’s, whose contribution to this cutting edge research is highly valued. We are bringing together one of the largest, best-studied early stage Parkinson's and at-risk cohorts in the world to help us understand Parkinson's progression and predict onset of Parkinson's.

Study participation will be on an entirely voluntary basis, and will involve several outpatient visits to their local district general or regional hospital. Individuals will be given the opportunity to consent to a blood test for DNA analysis and a clinical assessment with a neurologist during the outpatient visits. A subgroup of patients will be invited to have further specialist investigations at the regional neurosciences centre in Oxford.

You may be eligible to take part in the study if:

  • you have been diagnosed with REM sleep Behaviour Disorder following an overnight sleep study and are willing to travel to the Thames Valley region.
  • you are male, ideally aged between 50 and 75
    are based in the Oxfordshire area
    have no family history of Parkinson's
    are English speaking with no sleep or memory issues
We are no longer recruiting people with Parkinson's for this study. If you would like to be kept informed of future research opportunities please fill in this form to join our research database.
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Participants' perspectives and experiences


“The experience has been fascinating and thorough, and has helped me understand my condition a bit more.” Lucy Norman

Michael Doherty

“I wanted to take part to support the efforts my brother is making. I would like to help the medical community in their efforts to diagnose the condition earlier.” Michael Doherty

“Taking part in this study gives me the satisfaction of being of some help.” Hubert Allen

Alun Evans 230 x 230

“I am keen to do anything I can to help medical research.” Alun Evans


Watch a video of Lucy and her husband Angus sharing their experience of taking part in our research project

To find out more about the study, please read the relevant information sheets:

This video shows Parkinson's UK's Director of Research, Dr Arthur Roach, taking part in the study here in Oxford.

Expression of interest to participate

We are still recruiting:


For further information, please contact the research team at:

Tel: 01865 223166

Please note that we are no longer recruiting people with Parkinson's for this study. If you are interested in being contacted by our research team in the future regarding possible research opportunities, please complete this more general form.

This does not in any way commit you to participation in the study, but means your details will be passed on to our research team who will contact you with more information on the study in the future.